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SHEET LIFTING SYSTEMViking's SHEET FOLLOWER SYSTEM is used to assist in the handling of large sized parts.

Pivoting arms follow the sheet as it is being bent and then support the sheet as it descends.  The sheet lifter/follower system shown in the adjacent pictures, attaches directly to the dovetail slot on the front of the press brake.

The attaching bracket has an identical dovetail slot machined into it so that all current attachments/fixtures may still be used.  A sturdy, linear slide extends across the entire width of the press brake with an additional two feet on one end, that is used as a “parking” area for the lifters when they are not being used.

(Patents pending and patents applied for.)


Each lifter assembly is easily rolled side-to-side. The top, material transfer plate and the attached lifter bar may also be raised/lowered by cranking the black handles. This top plate can be configured to suit the material handling or fixturing needs of each user. The small aluminum handles are used to adjust the angle of maximum pivot of the lifter bar. The hoses are assembled with dissimilar end connectors so the extend/retract connections cannot be reversed when plugging into the air supply system. An air supply manifold may be run across the entire width of the press brake. Female quick connects are installed in the manifold, at multiple locations, so the connections are made conveniently.

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