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Viking Machine - Designers & Builders of Special MachineryViking Machine - Designers & Builders of Special Machinery

Viking Machine - Designers & Builders of Special Machinery

We have the staff and equipment to do virtually all of the manufacturing work in-house. Our employees are experienced in all facets of the manufacturing process and are encouraged to operate a variety of machines to expand their machining knowledge. This capability allows us more control over the quality of the final product and more flexibility in scheduling to meet your delivery needs.

Cylindrical Grinder
Cylindrical Grinder

CNC & Custom Machining
3 Axis CNC Machining
     - Surface Grinding
     - Knife & Doctor Blade Grinding
     - Cylindrial Grinding 
Turning and Milling
Spray Welding 
3-axis Machining
3-Axis Machining


Boring Bar G & L CNC Mill with 6" Spindle - 60" x 146"
Table (x=144"  y=72"  z=96" with 48" x 48" Rotary Table)




Robotic Welding Cell
Viking offers a complete welding and fabrication department. Our welders are experienced in welding a variety or metals - steel, stainless steel, aluminum and cast iron. The fabricating department has the necessary room to build large scale projects and the people to do it right.


If you require finish work such as polishing, sandblasting or painting, we can complete your parts or equipment in-house, to your specifications.

Shearing & Bending
Plasma Burning
Receiving Tank
Receiving Tank
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